Landscape Services You Can Trust.

Gibson Landscape Services, Inc. provides the Phoenix Valley both commercial and residential landscaping services and maintenance plans. We are dedicated to bringing you an exceptional landscape service experience. With our seasoned staff of licensed professionals we are able to bring the quality, safety, and regulation compliance, to provide you with the expert attention you need to protect your investment and realize all of your landscape objectives.

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Our goal is to create a beautiful landscape that is functional for the space according to your vision and lifestyle. With that in mind, we are able to provide our clients with a custom design that is tailored to their expectations, and within budget.

Give us a call. We are happy to assist you during the process from start-up to completion. Call us with any questions you may have regarding your landscape. Our trained professionals will inspect your property, make recommendations for improvements, while also solving any landscape issues that you may have.

Clean Ups
We provide clean-up services, to make your yard look like new again. If your yard becomes overgrown, full of debris, or dead with frost bite, let our professionals come out and replace dead, declining plants, and refresh with new plants to add color and interest. We will improve your lawn, spread new rock or thicken-up planters.

Gibson Landscape Services, Inc., provides the following landscape installation services:

Weed Control
To ensure good results, we use either organic or low toxicity pesticides for safe practices. We are licensed to use pesticides to help control insect, disease and weed problems for our clients landscapes.
Gibson Landscape Services, Inc. has been servicing Arizona Landscapes for Commercial and Residental homes for over 15 years.